tempelton©  I  the making of

tempelton tuinkantoor tiny house tiny home houten huisje cute cabin

stap 1. vrijblijvend gesprek

 > kennismaking

 > modelkeuze

 > PvE en evt. aanpassingen

stap 2. check

 > haalbaarheidscheck leveranciers

 > locatiecheck bestemming

 > dagprijzen 

stap 3. afspraken

 > aanvullende diensten zoals grondwerk, fundering, nutsvoorzieningen op locatie

 > prijsovereenkomst

 > contract met bestek en aanvullende afspraken

stap 4. voorbereidingen

 > start vergunningsprocedure indien nodig

 > start tekenwerk aanpassingen indien nodig

 > sondering indien nodig

 > productie opstarten

 > materialen bestellen

stap 5. bouw

 > prefabricatie timmerloods

 > oplevering onder dak

stap 6. levering

 > transport

 > plaatsen en koppelen

 > afbouw en aansluiten

 > oplevering on site

Building circular difficult or expensive? Not any more !

Tempelton© combines the newest building techniques and materials.

Huge slabs of engineered wood like LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) and CLT (Cross Layered Timber) allows us to work with high quality dimension stable wood. They are cut by a CNC milling machine into computer designed puzzle pieces, that fit together like.. ehm... yin and yang!

This goes onto a joist floor on top of one or more steel frames or chassis which makes it possible to prefabricate and build under controlled circumstances. No rain, no frost, good ergonomics, safe and secured construction. And minimalisation of delayed orders.

Oosthuis Doetinchem BV is a new (2020) and ambitious company that wants to excell in the making of prefab wooden homes. It has a enormous construction hall in which it's possible to build up to 5 Tempeltons at the same time! And qualified in-house personell, from carpenters to electricians to start and finish in one process.


  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
  • cellulose: insulation floor > 3,5 , walls > 4,5 , roof > 6 m2K/W
  • western red cedar shingle cladding
  • western red cedar shingle roofing
  • accoya door- / window frames


  • interior: multiplex polish pinewood FSC®, quality B/BB
  • flooring: laquered okoumé multiplex
  • terrace flooring: floor boards oiled bamboo 
  • ceilings: magoxx fireboard, fire proof, 100% renewable and non-toxic

size [ L ]

  • total net floor surface : 42,3 m2
  • net diameter central part : 6 meter
  • net floor surface terrace : 15,0 m2

maten [ M ]

  • total net floor surface : 28 m2 
  • first floor optional : 14 m2
  • net diameter central part : 6 meter

maten [ S ]

  • under construction 😉