tempelton©  I  cute cabins

Unique round wooden prefab cabins on your park or as a garden office! Quickly placed, comfy, sustainable, affordable & in various sizes ✨

tempelton experience

The perfect outdoor living space allows you to fight free from the functional coat that a home can be. It should set modestly, in balance with its surroundings. But with a focus on experience. Experience of space, light, sound, smell and material. Easily said of course, but tempelton© ticks all these boxes: The space curves around and up to a central point of light, an oculus, like a yurt. The spot of light projects itself into the room along the wooden rafters like a sun clock. This complements the light entering through the concentrically placed windows. These also provide you with a panoramic 180º view outside. The smell of the cedar wood completes the experience. This proven roof and wall cladding is untreated and extremely durable. :-). You sleep in one of the two king-size beds. Naturally, a bathroom and kitchen are also included, depending on the type and personal wishes. Who wouldn't want a tempelton© in their park or garden?

  • fantastic experience quality, due to its shape, height and central skylight 
  • 180º panoramic view through the continuous windows
  • because of its round shape easy to orientate and fit into its environment
  • strong and light as a yurt, constructed like a 3D puzzle
  • various models and sizes available for different functions
  • prefabricated & quickly installed and, if necessary, moved again
  • optimally recyclable, made entirely of sustainable and natural materials
  • 95% wood and therefore virtually a zero carbon footprint
  • manufactured by a team of enthusiastic and reliable craftsmen 
  • special design with distinctive character
  • not cheap, but affordable


All tempeltons are prefabricated under the best conditions. Thus, work can always and efficiently continue and we guarantee the health of our craftsmen.

√ round but affordable

Inspired by the construction of a yurt and the experience of round temples like the Pantheon. And yet, thanks to new manufacturing technologies, not cost-prohibitive.


All wood, from interior finishing, construction and insulation to exterior finishing and therefore with minimal environmental impact. Wood is relatively light, strong and easy to work with. Moreover, it provides CO2 storage.


At the end of its life cycle, a tempelton can be disassembled and recycled.

HR++ glass

Supplied with high efficiency glazing as standard

high quality insulation

Insulated with natural insulation with high thermal resistance for optimal comfort and low energy costs.


Built according to the standards of the Dutch building code (lodging function). In many cases to be placed permit-free.


On a steel chassis with wheels and thus movable.


A tempelton is fully electrically feasible.

flexible in  installations 

The choice of heating and hot water system is often dependent of use and location. This is why we offer customized choices.

um...round ? yeah sure !

A round home has no boundaries, no visual obstacles, no corners. Your surroundings panoramic around you. You move fluidly along the wall. That does something to your peace of mind; it relaxes. Those who strive for a healthy living environment seek rest, relaxation, entertainment, beauty and connection. With each other and the environment. Tempelton was designed with this in mind. Curved walls had always had the image of being expensive and impractical. Since the development of computer-controlled sawing and milling machines and new wood building technology, this notion has been definitively outdated. In construction as well as experience, this actually proves to be an added value.
And of course, our "cabins" are CO2-neutral with high-quality eco-friendly insulation, good humidity and ventilation. 

who are the makers   ?

Tempelton© is built by a great team of builders, or should I say craftsmen. Located in the East of The Netherlands, they are called Oosthuis BV Doetinchem. This ambitious firm is dedicated to make the best quality wooden pre-fab homes. Healthy living, sustainability and minimal carbon footprint are only basic requirements in their business philosophy. Their capacity in work space as well as employees guarantees flexibility and work flow.